Addenbrooke’s Abroad to Cambridge Global Health Partnerships – celebrating 10 years of activity.

"Health partnerships play a crucial role in facilitating the flow of ideas, information and innovation. At their core they inspire, equip and support health professionals to make a difference and to develop new relationships, skills and capabilities." Addenbrooke's Abroad has changed its name to Cambridge Global Health Partnerships to reflect their growth as an organisation with a network of partnerships across the world. NIHR GHRGN is proud to be one of them.


Over the 10 years a number of long-lasting and successful partnerships worldwide have been established and these include: Botswana, El Salvador, Myanmar, Uganda and The Philippines. The two areas in which the health partnerships have been particularly long-standing are eye-care and neonatal mortality.

The event of the 23rd Nov. 2017 celebrated the volunteers of the NHS: Shadi Basyuni, Marta Coll-Lastras and Caroline Stoneham who have dedicated their time to work in LMICs settings training and sharing their knowledge with local healthcare workers but also learning, listening and exploring how to build these partnerships to make them most effective.

This evening was also a chance for Hon Dorcas Makgato to describe the journey on which she has embarked as the Botswana Minister of Health and Wellness. Focusing on prevention and access to healthcare as well as the training of healthcare professionals is an enormous task the effects of which have greatly improved the lives of the people of Botswana and are an inspiration for other LMICs.

Finally, a presentation by Andrew Bastawrous, the CEO of Peek Vision, was a story about determination an innovation coming together to produce change in eye-care. Taking advantage of the modern technology of a smartphone which is widely accessible in LMICs countries to take over the function of specialised equipment which is very scarce is allowing hundreds and in the long run thousands of children’s eyes to be tested. Becoming aware of problems with eyesight is the first step to receiving treatment and potentially avoiding unnecessary blindness.

Evelyn Brealey – the Programme Director for Cambridge Global Health Partnerships has said: “Our role is both to enable our volunteers to work safely, effectively and ethically in their host countries, and to welcome our overseas partners to Cambridge to exchange ideas and develop good practice. We work to inspire people, harness their expertise and provide the support they need to make the greatest impact.” And what an inspiration this evening has been! NIHR GHRGN is honoured to have Evelyn as a member of tour team - congratulations on the 10-year anniversary and we wish Cambridge Global Health Partnerships all the best for the years to come.

Photos 1,3 and 4 by Marta Coll-Lastras, 2nd photograph taken by Kevin Low, quotations from Addenbrooke’s Abroad to Cambridge Global Health Partnerships. Our journey so far 2010-2017.